Street Fighter IV Benchmark

Test your combat skills and see how far you can progress against other city warriors


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  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Capcom

Street Fighter IV Benchmark

Find out if Street Fighter IV works on your computer.

The Street Fighter IV Benchmark is a tool you use to test to see if your machine will be able to run the Street Fighter IV game. If you are planning on getting Street Fighter IV for free, then do not bother. If you are going to have to pay for the game, then download this tool for free and see if the game will work.

It Can Save You Time And Money

It is annoying and time consuming having to download and install the benchmark prior buying the game, but you will waste far more time (and money) if you buy, download and install Street Fighter IV only the find that it doesn’t work. Do it in your spare time as you are doing other things on your computer, run the demo and see if the Street Fighter IV game will work for you. It doesn’t drink up much of your processing time or power, so you can do other things whilst you wait for it to download, install and run.

See A Video Demo Of The Game

Once you have installed the benchmark, you will be given a demo of Street Fighter IV. It shows you if the game works and will give you examples of its animations and polished (relatively to the old software) graphics. The game is seemingly good looking when you consider that it is a game from the past. The demo is not an interactive demo, which means you cannot play the game. However, it does show you what the game will look like and it uses the original Street Fighter IV game engine.

Test And Reconfigure To Play The Game

When the demo is completed, you will get a rundown of the test and its results. It gives your device a score that tells you if the game will run and if it will work without bugs. If the results say the game will not work, then reconfigure your computer and try again. As you only get a video demonstration, you cannot try out the game, but if your results come back positive, then you can download and play the game without fear of it not working. It is a shame that the benchmark creators didn’t include advice on how to alter your settings and device performance so that you may try the game before buying it.


  • You get to see a demo of the game
  • You get to view the Street Fighter IV animations
  • It will tell you if your computer can run the Street Fighter IV software
  • You can reconfigure your computer and try again
  • It can save you time and money


  • It is not an interactive demo
  • If your computer fails, it doesn’t advise you how to fix it
  • It is pointless if you are getting Street Fighter IV for free
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